PRC Compassion is a charitable organization that is in a strategic alliance with the Pastor’s Resource Council (PRC). The PRC is a coalition of churches and pastors to address community needs and distribute relief. The coalition was formed several years ago. In an effort to provide relief to the devastation of our state through 5 means:
  • Providing temporary shelter.
  • Supplying food and water.
  • Providing various heavy equipment.
  • Sending laborers to work in the shelters and cut down trees.
  • Providing counselors for the emotional needs of those effected by the Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath.
Our Mission
To coordinate national, state, and local faith and community-based organizations to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people impacted by Hurricane Katrina.
Our Leadership
Pastoral Oversight Committee
Strategic Advisors
Tony Perkins - Family Research Council - Washington, DC

Larry Stockstill - Bethany World Prayer Center - Baker, LA

Fred Luter - Franklin Avenue Baptist Church - New Orleans, LA

Dennis Watson - Celebration Church - Jefferson Parish, LA

Dr. Jere Mellili - Christian Life Fellowship - Baton Rouge, LA

Our Strategies
  1. Communication – to establish communication among government entities and communities of compassion.
  2. Connection – to serve as a connecting point among various agencies to meet the shelter, food and water, equipment, labor, and counseling needs of individuals and communities.
  3. Action – to articulate a clear Plan of Action to coordinate government and faith-based congregations to meet the needs of people impacted by Hurricane Katrina.
Our Responsibilites
PRC Compassion – the umbrella organization that receives all donations
  1. Advertise system through churches, media, Red Cross, Salvation Army, FEMA, etc.
  2. Coordinate efforts with national, state, and local organizations and agencies.
  3. Establish contact person for shelter, food and water, equipment, labor, and counselors.
  4. Identify Relief Relay Points.
  5. Identify Local Distribution Points.
  6. Maintain database of Local Distribution Point needs and incoming donations.
  7. Coordinate disbursement of donations to the Local Distribution Points.
  8. Coordinate counselor training.

Relief Relay Points – centers that have the capacity to receive and store large donations
  1. Determine area for storing large quantities of donations.
  2. Receive and store donations from the Pastors’ Resource Council.

Local Distribution Points – local churches that receive donations and distribute them in their respective areas
  1. Work with local government to determine needs of its local constituents.
  2. Inform Pastors’ Resource Council of local needs.
  3. Coordinate teams of volunteers from local churches to assist in the five areas of shelter, food/water, equipment, labor, and counselors.
  4. Receive donations from the Relief Relay Points as delivered.
  5. Maintain database of supplies and assistance provided.
Our Procedures
  1. PRC Compassionate has been established as the central point for intake of donations and human resources. All organizations that wish to make donations should call the PRC Compassionate Coordinator.
  2. Establish multiple Relief Relay Points to temporarily hold/stage donations. The PRC Coordinator will assign donations to Relief Relay Points until needed by the Local Distribution Points.
  3. Establish numerous Local Distribution Points to disperse supplies at the local level. Each Local Distribution Point should inform the PRC Coordinator of its needs. When supplies are received that match the need, they will be delivered to the Local Distribution Point.