URGENT NEED: In the face of Hurricane Rita many of our volunteers were forced to return home to protect their families, or forced to retreat to higher ground to wait out the storm.  Due to the power and uncertainty of Hurricane Rita, rightfully, many have been apprehensive to consider coming.

However, now is the time, we are looking for volunteers to minister a glass of water, a plate of food, and a helping hand.  We have an unprecendented, great need for laborers to assist in the efforts from Mississippi all the way to Texas.  We need teams starting tuesday, September 27, 2005.   

We have the immediate need and housing for over 1000 people in the effected areas to minister the life, hope, and peace of Jesus by assisting with food distribution, assisting in the shelters, by cleaning up trees and yards after the heavy winds. 

Act now!  Due to the instability of phone service, please email volunteerteam@prccompassion.org.  You will receive an auto-response email that will ask you specifics about your team and trip so that we can place your team properly.


Many people from outside the area have sent teams to this area to help. Because the response is so tremendous, it is important that you let us know you’re coming so that we can coordinate plans and make the most of your time. So, whether you’re in the area already, or offering to come to the area to help, just call or go to the donations page and let us know what you want to do.

Open Your Church to House Workers

A developing need is for places to house volunteers coming to the area to work. If your church or organization has the capability and facilities to house teams of workers, please let us know.

Open Your Home

Many people are offering to open their homes to help house evacuees. Currently, we are partnering with two organizations specifically working to help connect these openings with evacuees.

Share Your Home    Acadiana's Operation We Care

Join a Chainsaw Crew

We are partnering with the leadership of various communities throughout the affected areas to clear fallen trees in order to make way for rescue workers and residents to get through. Volunteers will need to bring drinking water, lunch, a chainsaw and gasoline. In the event you don’t have a chainsaw, please come anyway. We are working in teams and will need help to clear the roads and trees. We have already sent hundreds of men out and are seeing some great success in this area. But there is still much to do.

Staff the Shelters

There are shelters all throughout the region that are in desperate need of our assistance. New shelters are being added daily at this time. We need people that can go to these shelters to assist with everything from cooking and feeding, to ministering to people, to cleaning, security and parking.

Load/Unload Trucks

We have tons and tons of resources that need to get into the hands of individuals urgently. Semi trucks full of life-giving resources continue to come in to PRC Compassion warehousing sites and we desperately need help to unload and distribute these vital goods. We will also need resources to be unloaded and disseminated in St. Tammany Parish.

Serve as an Administrative Volunteer

We need assistance in the offices making calls and coordinating the relief effort.

Become a Counselor

You can reach out to those in need at the shelters to counsel. You will need to attend a Red Cross training before counseling. We will be holding these counselor training sessions very shortly.

Create a Shelter or Warehouse in your Church

You can turn your church into a shelter; we will assist you with resources. Have Warehouse Space? Turn your church or warehouse into a storage center for supplies.

Give Food/Water

Our primary need outside of laborers is food and water. We need bottled water and non-perishable food immediately. Please do not just show up with large shipments, we may need to direct them to a different location for distribution. Please contact us to schedule. Please palettize all goods being sent to ease the distribution process.

Donate or Lend Large Equipment

We need people/organizations to donate or lend large equipment such as generators.

Donate Funds

Make a Cash Donation

Click here to make a donation.

Let us know how you want to help by clicking here.